Spotlight: Madd Jazz

Madd Jazz is a group from Miami, FL playing fresh takes of jazz, funk, and pop classics. They play either as an instrumental group or with the addition of a vocalist for larger events. Madd Jazz started with the Maddox siblings when they were all kids. Emily Maddox was 10 years old when her brother Chase Maddox got a guitar, Kevin Maddox got a saxophone, and she got a drum set (half out of interest and half out of necessity to create their band). They were looking for an activity to do together as siblings and a way to play together as a group. They began learning jazz and studying jazz music through different avenues and their father came up with the name Madd Jazz. 

Their start as a kid’s instrumental jazz trio slowly began developing with time adding in vocalists and other musicians to their gigs to reach a wider interest group in the Miami gigging scene. Each of the siblings has worked on their projects and developed their own style which has created this beautiful amalgam that is now Madd Jazz. Stepping outside of the constraints that are classical jazz, the addition of singer Johnny Walker created a more soulful and funk-inspired version of Madd Jazz. Their continuous development has allowed them to delve into more creative avenues by including more genres, adding in horns and vocalists, and playing whatever style they want to.

The group enjoys performing in settings where they can tap into their range of styles and can flow depending on who they are working with. Madd Jazz has the unique capability of being able to work with almost any vocalist we have on our talent roster. Their flexibility in style has allowed them to be a foundation at many events where different vocalists are performing.

One of their favorite places to gig and a destination spot in midtown Miami is Lagniappe. This intimate New Orleans-style wine garden features live music every night of the week and has a fun create your charcuterie element. Madd Jazz will be there on April 15th where other artists and friends of theirs can jump in to play with them anything from Stevie Wonder to Al Green to Alicia Keys covers.

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