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General Topics

Artists will arrive 60-90 min prior to the performance start time. If you need an earlier arrival/setup time, additional fees may apply.

Artists generally play sets of approx 40 min. Most events include 3-4 hour coverage of live music with breaks. We are happy to work with you to design set times that work best for your event.

Most artists are more than happy to accommodate a few special requests for your event at no additional cost. For more than a few additional requests, additional fees may apply.

Bands have repertoire lists available on their artist page for your viewing so you can get a sense of the songs/styles they typically perform. If you have a few special song requests, please include them upon your inquiry so we can be sure the artist you’re interested in booking can accommodate.

If Litus is responsible for providing sound, we are happy to include a similar style playlist for band breaks.

Artists generally arrive in “cocktail” attire unless otherwise specified. If you have a special wardrobe request, please include it upon inquiry (additional fees may apply).

We kindly ask that you include non-alcoholic beverages for the band in a designated green room area for breaks. Vendor meals or meal stipend is a standard requirement for any performance longer than 1 hour.

Artists are confirmed once we have received the signed contract and invoice paid.

If the main lead singer you are booking is no longer available due to illness or reasons beyond their control, we will do our best to provide additional options for replacement at the same cost. If we cannot find you an acceptable replacement, we are happy to credit your funds for a future event with the artist you originally booked. Please note, many bands rotate non-lead musicians (i.e. keys, guitar, drums, etc.). If you have interest in specific band members, please address them with your event manager upon booking.

For outdoor events, we require clients to provide an area protected from the elements for performance, performers, and sound equipment, and/or an indoor “rain backup” area. If there is inclement weather, rain, wind, hail, or other, Litus reserves the right to cancel performance with no money refunded, if the client is not able to provide a suitably protected area for performance.

The size of your event, venue and sound needs will determine if the artist can provide their own sound for your event or if we need to include a sound engineer to manage. Our artists can provide their own small sound setup for approximately 100 people in 1 space. For all larger events, we require a sound engineer to handle sound properly and ensure your event’s sound is impeccable.

Artists do not require a stage for their performance as long as the performance area is flat ground and not subject to wet elements that may damage instruments and sound equipment.

Grounded outlets within 10 feet of where the artist is performing or 2 20 amp circuits.

Litus Music holds liability insurance to ensure coverage for your event. Our artists are covered under this insurance.

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