Keba Joy Solange Williams was born on February 10, 1989 on the twin-island of Trinidad and Tobago. Although we know her today as a gifted singer/songwriter, Keba displayed a strong musical inclination from a young age on her first instrument, the clarinet. In 2010, Keba graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Phi Beta Kappa, and in 2011 she graduated with her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, Cum Laude.

Keba released her debut album, Wildfire, in 2013. Wildfire is a fusion of R&B, Soul and Funk. Since the release of Wildfire, Keba has taken Miami by storm; headlining venues such as Coya Restaurant, Tamarina, Mandarin Oriental, The St. Regis, The Stage, Cafe, Avenue D Jazz & Blues Club, Baoli, Van Dyke Café and Pax. 

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