Andres Gonzalez


Andres is an Argentinian-born singer-songwriter and music producer. He also plays the guitar, the ukulele and the charango! He has released three reggae albums with his band, Karma Gonzalez and is currently working on his fourth album as a soloist. In the last few years, Andres has been touring in Miami, South America, Italy and Spain. His vast and varied repertoire includes reggae, urban pop top 40s and Latin fusion.

His most popular original song, “Mi Almita” reached number one in his native Argentina, with an astounding 2,500,000 views on his YouTube channel. Andres is equally at home bringing his guitar and performing on his own, as he is collaborating with a big band. He is elegant and soft-spoken and at the same time can get the party going, interlacing a wide variety of genres.